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May 1, 2023

PyrAmes Inc. Announces Investment from March of Dimes to Support Maternal and Pediatric Health Products

CUPERTINO, CA and ARLINGTON, VA — PyrAmes Inc. has received an investment from March of Dimes, the leading organization fighting for the health of moms and babies, to support development and commercialization of its wearable technology to noninvasively monitor blood pressure, particularly for new mothers and their babies.

PyrAmes’ goal is to develop more convenient, clinically-accurate, blood pressure monitoring for all patients, including both mothers and babies in order to support enhancing their health before and after childbirth. PyrAmes’ Boppli™ device for critically-ill infants received Breakthrough Device Designation from the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The company’s proprietary technology is now being further developed to enable monitoring the blood pressure of women at risk of complications from hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, such as gestational hypertension and preeclampsia. Blood pressure measurements are one of the standard means of detecting such disorders which have been well documented as significant health risks to both mother and child.

“We’re excited to be working with March of Dimes to accelerate the development of products for neonatal and maternal health applications,” said Xina Quan, Ph.D., PyrAmes Co-founder and CEO. “This is a wonderful opportunity to work with leaders in the field who will help us enable better outcomes for moms and babies through more effective blood pressure monitoring.”

March of Dimes stays current on the latest scientific breakthroughs and solutions in the market that can impact maternal and infant health through earlier diagnosis, new treatments for conditions during and after pregnancy, and ongoing mental and physical health support.  PyrAmes was selected as the third investment for March of Dimes’ Innovation Fund, a venture philanthropy initiative that invests in promising companies with a proven or strong potential to improve outcomes for moms and babies.

“Many babies will spend their earliest days in the NICU due to preterm birth, birth defects, surgical or genetic conditions, or other diagnoses. Some of these babies have unstable blood pressure values that require careful monitoring to avoid serious complications,” said Dr. Elizabeth Cherot, Sr. Vice President, Chief Medical and Health Officer of March of Dimes. “As our third Innovation Fund investment, it is our hope that this partnership will better support babies born too sick or too soon as well as help improve future treatments for pregnant moms with hypertensive disorders like preeclampsia.”

High blood pressure puts extra stress on the heart and can contribute to cardiovascular disease, a leading cause of maternal deaths in the U.S. March of Dimes is committed to reduce adverse pregnancy outcomes related to cardiovascular disease.

March of Dimes and PyrAmes are eager to see how the company’s non-invasive, wearable, continuous blood pressure monitoring technology will benefit moms and babies. PyrAmes’ first commercial product, Boppli, will be available after FDA 510(k) clearance, anticipated in 2023.

About PyrAmes Boppli™ and Bosimi™ Devices

PyrAmes devices are wearable bands designed to be versatile noninvasive blood pressure monitoring platforms, ideal for infants in the NICU (Boppli) or women during and after pregnancy (Bosimi). They are intended to provide a safer option to arterial lines and a more convenient choice to standard blood pressure cuffs, and have the potential to revolutionize the standard of care for continuous blood pressure monitoring.

About March of Dimes 

March of Dimes leads the fight for the health of all moms and babies. We support research, lead programs and provide education and advocacy so that every family can have the best possible start. Building on a successful 85-year legacy, we support every pregnant person and every family. To learn more about March of Dimes, please visit

About PyrAmes 

PyrAmes is a digital health company focused on fundamentally transforming the delivery of health care through continuous blood pressure monitoring that is accurate, wireless, and noninvasive. The comfort and ease of use of its platform has the potential to provide better blood pressure management for patients ranging from newborns to seniors. The FDA has recognized the company’s lead product Boppli™ with Breakthrough Device Designation. Products based on PyrAmes technology are under development and have not yet been cleared by the FDA for distribution.